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Whether you need quality seeds for your own propagation or want to plant a field, we are your high quality seed solution.

At Rattlesnake Hemp LLC we pride ourselves in the quality and availability of our products. Our hemp seeds have high CBD properties for your growing operation. No order is too small or too large. Most orders can be filed within two weeks, and our products always come with a satisfaction guarantee!


Buy the best CBD Feminized Hemp Seeds for sale in Oregon.

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How does one grow hemp for CBD? It all starts with the right cultivars grown from high CBD seeds, but that’s not the only consideration.

In places where hemp is found growing in the wild, you would find a great amount of genetic variability. Just as people all look different based on their unique genes, so these plants would vary in fiber and CBD content.


For centuries, people have been working to take the guesswork out of crops by producing uniform strains or varieties that will give them predictable results and uniform crops.

As one of the oldest agricultural crops known to man, hemp is no exception, and by now we already know which varieties of hemp are best for CBD production. By getting seeds that will grow into plants with a high CBD content, we can be sure of our final results.


How many varieties of hemp are high in CBD? That’s a tricky question to answer, since there are literally hundreds of different cultivars of hemp out there.

Work has been done to determine which hemp crops can be used for CBD oil.

Other types of hemp are targeted at fiber only, or the production of hemp seeds as a health food. But even the highest CBD strains need to go through an extraction process that turns a large volume of plant material into crude, distillate or isolate to be used as medicine and /or edibles. So be aware that you’ll need plenty of space and access to a safe extraction method if you want to try this for yourself!

High CBD feminized seeds are easy enough to get, but to obtain the CBD, you will have to think the process through carefully, beginning with the seed, progressing through how you will grow the plants organically and pesticide free to avoid residues and finally, how extraction can be done both cleanly and safely.

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