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We can assist you with all-natural, customizable hemp seed processing options to produce the best possible output.

Rattlesnake Hemp LLC can assist you with your hemp processing needs. Our Hemp processing services can help you accomplish processing. Ethyl extraction with fractional distillation for finished products such as edibles, lotions, tinchers and salves. CBDs are real medicine that helps millions of people with unequivocal results.

Hemp is a flexible commodity that branches out into countless other industries. Support for the industry is blooming, and we are the perfect fit for your hemp processing and conditioning needs.


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To achieve an optimum hemp yield, twice as much nutrient must be available to the crop as will finally be removed from the soil at harvest.

A hemp field produces a very large bulk of plant material in a short vegetative period. The nitrogen uptake is most intensive the first 6 to 8 weeks, while potassium and in particular phosphorous are needed more during flowering and seed formation.


Industrial hemp requires 80 to 100 lbs/ac nitrogen, 35 to 50 lbs/ac phosphate and 52 to 70 lbs/ac potash. Growing Conditions: Hemp prefers a mild climate, humid atmosphere, and a rainfall of at least 25-30 inches per year. Good soil moisture is required for seed germination and until the young plants are well established.

Rattlesnake Hemp LLC has the knowledge required for a successful yield through proper nutritional balance.

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