Rattlesnake Hemp, LLC possesses the kind of Industrial Hemp consulting experience and knowledge that is needed by its clients to make an entry into the industry and to prosper in the hemp industry.


Ratttlesnake Hemp, LLC is your reliable partner and experienced advisor when it comes to hemp production.


More than 30 years of experience in the hemp industry – from field to shelf.

As the hemp industry grows, an increasing number of farmers are finding themselves in need of professional assistance.

Hemp farmers typically lack soil-management expertise and pest-management options...

Rattlesnake Hemp LLC offers CBD rich feminized hemp seeds in Oregon.

Whether you need quality seeds for your own propagation or want to plant a field, we are your high quality seed solution.

We can assist you with all-natural, customizable hemp seed processing options to produce the best possible output.

Ethyl extraction with fractional distillation for finished products such as edibles.

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